Plant Growing Systems for Chefs

Grow your own perfect salad leaves,  microgreens and herbs

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Plant Growing Systems for Chefs

Grow your own perfect salad leaves,  microgreens and herbs

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Grow your own perfect plants with Evogro

Fresh & Delicious

Harvest your living plants just when you need them so they are as fresh as can be. Our cabinets create optimal conditions for plant growth so every crop is full of flavour.

Sustainable & Pure

By growing your own crops you save on food miles and because you only harvest what you need, just when you need it, you also save on wastage. The Evogro system uses no pesticides or herbicides.

Simple & Reliable

Our automated system combines internet-connected hydroponic growing cabinets, support services and all necessary consumables to make growing simple and reliable. It requires minimal effort and works consistently, all year round.

Evogro is the choice of leading professional chefs & bartenders

We are proud to have as customers many leading professional chefs and bartenders working across the hospitality sector in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs, contract caterers and colleges. Our customers demand the highest standards and we are delighted that they trust their Evogro Plant Growing Systems to deliver.

Why grow with Evogro?

Evogro takes advanced horticultural technology and makes it easy to use. Our system produces beautiful plants that are full of flavour and free from pesticides and herbicides. By growing your own crops you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Grow anywhere

An Evogro system can be installed anywhere indoors and works consistently all year round. Put it in your kitchen, in your dining room or anywhere you like.

What would you like to grow?

With an Evogro system you can choose exactly the mix of crop varieties that you like best. 

Ready to get growing?

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