We supply all the consumable items you need to run your plant growing system including seeds, growing media, hydroponic nutrients, containers, tools & accessories.

Everything you need to run your Evogro system



Good seed is essential for successful growing. We source our seed from high quality seed merchants and test it in our lab. Only when we are confident that a crop will grow successfully and consistently do we add it to our crop library. You can choose from over 120 varieties of salad leaves, microgreens and herbs.

Sowing density is vital to getting the best results. Our seed packs are measured to provide the correct quantity of each variety for each target harvest stage. The app provides instructions on how to handle each seed type.

Media & Nutrients

Thanks to its precision irrigation system, the Evogro cabinet can operate with a wide variety of different growing media types. Options include loose organic media, loose mineral aggregates such as perlite, vermiculite and pumice, compressed plugs, sponges, rockwool plugs and blocks, and synthetic or organic mats. We also supply a range of hydroponic nutrients to suit different crop types.

If you subscribe to our Professional Service Package, then during the development of your grow plan, we will match the best growing medium and nutrient to each crop selection and supply this with the seed packs so you have everything ready to go.


We supply a wide range of containers to suit different plant types and stages of growth and different growing media. 

If you subscribe to our Professional Service Package, then we will match the best containers with the growing medium for each crop selection and supply these with the seed packs so you have everything ready to go.

Tools & Accessories

We supply a range of useful tools and accessories to help with sowing, dosing and harvesting. Professional Service Package subscribers receive a starter kit  which includes all the tools and accessories necessary for successful growing. 

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