We offer a choice of Service Packages to suit different customer requirements. 

Service Package Pricing

We offer a choice of Service Packages: Basic, Premium & Professional.



  • Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Programming via App


Automatic Cabinet Programming & Enhance Support

£ 40 Ex VAT per Month
  • Automatic Crop Monitoring & Programming
  • Optimised Crop Model Library​
  • Harvest Calendar
  • Task Notifications & Instructions​
  • Helpdesk Support via App & Website​


Maximise Production with all consumables included & commercial warranty​

£ 170 Ex VAT per Month
  • Includes all of Premium, plus:
  • All-Inclusive Consumables Subscription​*
  • Grow Plan Creation to Maximise Yield​
  • Added Notifications & Instructions​
  • Multi-cabinet Support
  • Corporate & WAN Network Configuration​
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support via Email & Phone​
  • Commercial Parts & Labour Warranty​

Basic Service Package

Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Programming via App

Use the Evogro App to program your cabinet yourself from anywhere. Each shelf is independently programmable and you can control intensity and duration for each wavelength of light  and the irrigation frequency and duration. Your cabinet must have an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet. 

Premium Service Package

The Premium Service Package adds a range of automation features to save you time and improve the quality and consistency of your crops.

Automatic Crop Monitoring & Programming Service

We track the growth of your crops using sensor and image data and program your cabinet automatically so every crop gets exactly what it needs.

Optimised Crop Model Library

Take advantage of our library of optimised crop models: growing recipes to take a crop from seed to harvest. We have developed over 120 models and are always expanding our range.  

Harvest Calendar

The Harvest Calendar lets you look ahead and see when each of your crops will be ready for harvest.

Task Notifications & Instructions

Don’t worry about what to do next. The App gives you notifications and specific instructions when your crops need attention. 

Helpdesk Support via App & Website

Get personal help from the Evogro Support Team via the App and Website.

Professional Service Package

The Professional Service Package gives you everything you need to maximise production. It includes all the features of Premium, plus:

All-Inclusive Consumables Subscription

Everything you need to keep your cabinet running at full capacity is included in the price: seeds, growing media, nutrients, containers, filters and tools. You’ll get a box every 4-8 weeks with everything inside. * Cost of delivery is included to mainland UK addresses. For Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and non-UK addresses additional charges will apply. 

Grow Plan Creation to Maximise Yield

Tell us what you need for your menu and we’ll calculate a Grow Plan that gives you a rolling production plan to meet your needs and maximising the yield from your cabinet.

Added Notifications & Instructions

Get extra notifications and specific instructions via the App to keep your Grow Plan on track.

Multi-cabinet Support

Connect multiple cabinets together or manage multiple cabinets in separate locations from a single account.

Corporate Network Configuration

Corporate networks often have additional security features such as firewalls, MAC filtering and allow listing – we’ll liaise with your IT team and get your cabinet connected. 

Wide Area 3G Network Configuration

If you don’t want to use your corporate network we can configure your cabinet to use a wide area 3G network instead. Cost of modem & data subscription not included.

Helpdesk Support via Phone, Email, App & Website

Contact the Evogro Support Team any time for help or advice.

Commercial Parts & Labour Warranty

Onsite Parts & Labour Warranty covering usage in a commercial environment. 

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