How it Works

We take advanced horticultural technology and make it simple so you can get excellent growing results with the minimum of effort. 

How it works

We take advanced horticultural technology and make it simple so you can get excellent growing results with the minimum of effort. 

A Complete Integrated System Makes Growing Easy

Our goal is to help you to grow the best possible plants. Not only do we want every crop to be of the highest possible standard but we also want to offer the widest possible choice of plant varieties. This means the system needs to be flexible because different plants have different needs.

The production of crops should also match your desired pattern of consumption. This means the system needs to be capable of a continuous rolling production with different crops at different stages of growth. To deliver this  production consistently the system also needs to be reliable. 

And the system needs to be simple to use and require minimal effort to maintain.

When developing the Evogro system these were the issues we set out to solve: quality, flexibility, reliability and simplicity. Our solution is the Evogro Plant Growing System: a complete integrated system that combines cabinets, cloud software, app software and consumables. All the parts work together to make growing easy.


The Cabinet creates a controlled environment that enables plants to be grown from seed to harvest and each shelf is an independently programmable zone. It uses advanced horticultural LED lighting & hydroponics to grow the plants and it includes multiple sensors and high-definition cameras. The Cabinet is internet-connected and exchanges data with the Evogro Cloud.


The Evogro Cloud is our software platform and is the intelligent part of the system. Combining image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable monitoring of every crop and automatic cabinet programming. We constantly improve and develop new crop models and if you are on our Premium or Professional Service Packages you get these updates automatically.


The App has different functions depending on your Service Package. For Basic Package users it enables you to program your cabinet remotely. For Premium & Professional users it lets you to track your crops’ progress, check the Harvest Calendar, choose new varieties from the crop library and receive notifications with instructions when tasks need to be performed. 


We provide all consumable items required to operate the system including seeds, growing media, containers, nutrients and tools. We test everything so we know what works for each crop variety. You can buy consumables as you need them or if you sign up to the Professional Service Package you will experience maximum production with all consumables included and commercial warranty.

Efficient LED Lighting for Plants

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert light energy into carbohydrates by synthesising it with carbon dioxide and water. All plants need light to grow but all light is not equal. Sunlight is made up of many kinds of light, some visible to the human eye and some invisible like infrared and ultraviolet. Only 3-6% of total solar radiation is actually used by plants for photosynthesis. The wavelengths of light that are used most efficiently for photosynthesis are deep red and deep blue visible light.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) convert electrical energy into light. They are made from crystals of certain elements that emit light when an electrical current is passed through them. LEDs are taking over the lighting industry because of their energy efficiency and longevity. For plant growing, LEDs are particularly revolutionary because certain LED crystals happen to naturally and most efficiently produce the peak wavelengths for photosynthetic activity.

Evogro cabinets use these advanced LEDs so the growing process is as efficient as possible.  Each wavelength on each shelf is also tuneable so its intensity and duration can be controlled which improves the efficiency further. When the cabinet is in growing mode the light is generally shades of pink because of the strong red and blue light. There are also white LEDs for viewing and these can be switched on manually or programmatically.

Our LED panels are manufactured using high quality components and our warranty cover can be extended up to 5 years.

Active Spectrum Management®

Different plant varieties have different light requirements and each plant’s requirements also change as it grows. Adjusting the intensity and duration of multiple wavelengths across multiple growing zones can be complicated and time-consuming.

Evogro Active Spectrum Management® technology makes this process simple. By combining our Crop Monitoring service with our Crop Models we can automatically manage the lighting spectrum for every shelf in your cabinet. This means each plant gets exactly what it needs to grow each day. It also means you save energy by not running lights at a higher intensity than the plants require. This energy saving can be 50% over a crop’s life cycle.

Active Spectrum Management® is included in our Premium and Professional Service Packages.


As well as light, plants need certain chemical elements in order to grow. Carbon comes from the air in the form of carbon dioxide and hydrogen and oxygen come from water. The rest of the required elements need to be absorbed by the plants roots.

The Major nutrients are needed in the greatest amounts and these are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Next are the Secondary Nutrients which include calcium, sulphur and magnesium. Finally there are the Micro Nutrients or Trace Elements which are only needed in small quantities and these include boron, chlorine, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, and nickel.

In a perfect soil all the elements are present in the right concentrations and ratios but this is often not the case and nutrients can be rapidly depleted by growing plants. Hydroponic systems do not require soil – instead the mineral elements are dissolved in water and this nutrient solution is then supplied to the plants roots.

Hydroponics has multiple advantages. First is precision: when mixing a nutrient solution you can be certain that all the necessary elements are added in the correct concentrations. Second is purity: soils can contain plant or human pathogens that pose a contamination risk and 80% of plant pests and diseases are soil-borne. In contrast, a hydroponic system can use pure mineral salts and inert media.

Third, is space and media usage: in soil, as nutrients get used up the plant’s roots must grow into new areas to find fresh resources so the root system gets ever larger. In hydroponics the root system can remain compact and much less growing medium is required.

Fourth and perhaps most important is resource efficiency. In a recirculating hydroponic system like the Evogro cabinets, water and nutrients are pumped back to feed the plants instead of being drained away. This approach uses 90% less water compared to growing in the ground. It also ensures that all the nutrients are used by the plants for growth instead of leaching away and being wasted.

Finally, inside an Evogro cabinet the plants are physically protected from weeds, pests and diseases. We never use pesticides or herbicides and you can enjoy pure, clean crops without any weeding or pest control.

Automatic Crop Monitoring & Programming

Each Evogro cabinet is fitted with multiple sensors and up to 24 high definition cameras. Sensor data and images are captured throughout the day and transmitted to the Evogro Cloud where the data is analysed. By using image processing and machine learning algorithms we can effectively monitor the growth of every crop and automatically program each shelf in each cabinet so every crop gets exactly what it needs to grow best. If there are any actions you need to take, you’ll get notifications and instructions via the Evogro App.

It’s like having an expert grower checking your plants 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The Automatic Crop Monitoring & Programming Service is included in our Premium and Professional Service Packages.

The Evogro App

The App has different functions depending on your Service Package. For Basic Package users it enables you to program your cabinet yourself from anywhere. Each shelf is independently programmable and you can control intensity and duration for each wavelength of light and the irrigation frequency and duration. Your cabinet must have an internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet.

For Premium Service Package users the App provides additional benefits. You can track your crops’ progress and check the Harvest Calendar to see when each of your crops will be ready for harvest. The App will give you notifications and specific instructions when your crops need attention. You can browse the Crop Library and get ideas on what varieties you might grow next. And you can contact the Evogro Support Team if you need help.

For Professional Package users we’ll calculate a Grow Plan that gives you a rolling production plan to meet your needs and maximising the yield from your cabinet. You’ll then get extra notifications and specific instructions via the App to keep your Grow Plan on track.

The Evogro App works on phone, tablet & PC.

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