Hydroponic growing cabinets for restaurants, hotels, bars and everyone who loves growing

Grow your own perfect plants with an Evogro Growing Cabinet

Evogro Cabinet EC40132-WS

£6,800.00 ex VAT


Technical Requirements

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Evogro as Interior Design

The Evogro cabinet is a high-end product with a first-class support service which comes after that. Professional kitchens deserve top quality service and appliances.

The cabinet and system not only produce the most stunning plants, but it is also a beautiful feature for any kitchen. Traditional and contemporary restaurants are choosing to display the cabinet, front of the house as a design feature.

In addition to being incredibly interesting, with many customers intrigued by its presence, the cabinet shows the customer how the restaurant values freshness and demonstrates the commitment to sustainability.

If you have any questions about how to integrate the Evogro system into your interior design concept, please get in touch.

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