Evogro in the Press

Evogro in the Press

“Could growing your own fruit and veg in the kitchen soon become easier than buying it”

“Your Kitchen Must Haves for 2020 – view the most innovative equipment that your kitchen needs”

“Farming for Cocktails, making drinks and growing garnishes”

“Top chefs are turning to urban farming for sustainability, quality control and community health – but not at the expense of luxury.”

“Two top chefs leading the way in urban farming”

“Will Hong Kong restaurants stop importing Chinese produce and instead grow hyperlocal food?”

“Evogro has been impressing some of the country’s top chefs with his plant growing system, which enables the production of perfect, delicious herbs and salad leaves right there in the kitchen.”

“If you visit Roganic Hong Kong, you’ll notice the smart boxes or farms on-site, drenched in red and blue LED lighting to promote growth, as well as hydroponics and video monitoring for ingredients such as microgreens and herbs.”

“Why are chefs turning towards the Evogro?”

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