The Essence House, London Cocktail Week 2019

To celebrate London Cocktail week we took part in an innovative event called The Essence House – an interactive journey of flavour discovery, hosted by the originative team at The London Essence Company.

This truly imaginative experience was created by Dan Dove of Global Bartending. Dan identified the complementary pairing between Evogro’s fresh, supreme, quality plants and matched this with The London Essence Company who craft luxurious drinks from the purest flavours – selecting the finest botanicals and gently distilling them to capture their true essence.

Curated by Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, an expert in flavour perception in the UK, the guests were taken on a personalised journey through flavour with a series of interactive taste and aroma tests to help identify their own palate profile, followed by a bespoke cocktail mixed by one of the world’s top bartenders. 

Evogro installed four cabinets full of a wide variety of herbs which the bartenders picked as they made the cocktails. It was great to see professionals enjoy using our growing systems and acknowledge the quality of the plants they produce. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening and learned a great deal about their personal palate while experiencing high quality cocktails.

Click the picture below to see a video of the event.


essence thumbnail