Evogro’s Curious Crops – Nasturtium

A bit of history Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) is a herb originating from South America and grown across the world for its culinary, medical and ornamental uses . Tropaeolum majus is not a naturally occurring plant, and it is thought to have been cultivated in Peru through the breeding of other plants in the Tropaeolum genus […]

Skills for Chefs Conference 2023

Skills for Chefs conference 28th and 29th of June 2023 Evogro were delighted for the invitation to exhibit at the 24th Skills for Chefs conference in Sheffield. This two day event showcases the talents of leading chefs who can share their skills and knowledge with the next generation of catering and hospitality staff. Various masterclasses […]

Why we love micro greens

These little aromatic greens started appearing on the plates of some of the worlds most prestigious chefs in the 1980s. Since then they have grown in popularity, not just for their decorative leaves and vibrant colours but because they are full of flavour and have a high nutritional value. Microgreens are the babies of the […]

Why is it Pink?

Liana Oster at The Essence House

We get asked many questions about the Evogro cabinet and we are always happy to help you understand how the system works. Our goal is to help you grow the best possible plants right in your kitchen all year round and we want every crop to be of the highest possible standard. In addition, the […]

Cocktails and Microgreens

Clean eating and the modern phenomena of the “superfood” trend is no longer the preserve of the fine dining restaurants in the UK. Encouraged by the public interest in ingredients and their impact on health, it’s fast becoming THE way modern mixologists look to when inventing interesting and flavoursome cocktails. Evogro has partnered with internationally […]