Mitch Mitchell, TRUEfoods CHEFStable

TRUEFoods is renowned for producing the highest quality stocks, sauces, jus, pates, terrines and pies that deliver consistently on flavour while using natural ingredients without compromise. TRUEfoods has earned a place on the menus of Michelin-starred chefs in restaurants and hotels across the country, and you can find their products on the shelves in Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges & Co. and Waitrose under the Heston from Waitrose brand.

Mitch Mitchell started TRUEfoods in 2007 and has led the business from strength to strength. With over 40 years of experience within the foodservice industry, Mitch is passionate about the industry and always pushes the boundaries of food innovation. Mitch has enjoyed a varied career so far – he used to be the personal chef for King Hussein of Jordan and cooking for world leaders including the President of the USA. He has spent time as head chef at several restaurants and hotels and as a product innovation director with some of the UK’s most successful food manufacturing organisations, including working for Paul and Linda McCartney, developing Linda’s vegetarian range of food. 

Motivated by a desire to design the ultimate in culinary experiences and a longing to return to the pass, in 2017, Mitch together with Aled Williams, Head of Food and Development and Great British Menu Welsh Champion, created the TRUEfoods CHEFStable. 

This unique dining experience started out as occasional dinners, cooked and served in the TRUEfoods research and development kitchen, with the team experimenting and developing their processes. Today it is without doubt Yorkshire’s best-kept culinary secret. Situated next to the TRUEfoods factory on the outskirts of Ripon in Yorkshire the CHEFStable is an immersive dining event, offering a 10-course tasting menu with the chefs cooking in front of the guests, sometimes involving guests in the preparation, and explaining every step in the process. 

In 2019, Samira Effa joined Mitch and Aled as Senior Production Chef. Samira also appeared on the Great British Menu and was head chef at The Box Tree in Ilkley and Alimentum in Cambridge. Mitch, Aled and Samira will continue to drive the business forward and delight their diners and customers with memorable experiences and incredible food.

Rotisserie Monkfish, Chimichurri, Avocado and Evogro herbs

Evogro’s relationship with TRUEfoods began in 2015 when Mitch installed an Evogro System in, what was then, his development kitchen. As Mitch says:

“TRUEfoods is built on innovation and we’re always looking for new ways to improve what we do. In our development kitchen, we are constantly experimenting: creating new dishes and refining our existing recipes. We always look for the best ingredients possible. The Evogro system is a great asset, particularly in a development kitchen, because you can have an extensive range of herbs constantly available.”

In addition to its original purpose the Evogro system now plays an integral role in the CHEFStable experience, with the team harvesting the herbs as they plate each dish. Mitch continues:

“If we’re working on a dish and think ‘what if we added this particular fresh herb’, we can get it from the cabinet, and we know it will be in peak condition. The quality of the plants is fantastic and it amazes our guests when we explain how we’ve grown them. I think every chef would love an Evogro.”

Dedication to customers and a commitment to consistently high standards is what makes TRUEfoods and CHEFStable a continued success. Mitch and the team strive for perfection and are always seeking new ways to excel at what they do. It is no coincidence that CHEFStable received glowing reviews by Giles Coren for The Times and was awarded straight tens across the board for this truly remarkable experience.

We look forward to seeing what the TRUEfoods family does next!

Scampi and chips as reviewed by Giles Coren, a morsel of local langoustine wrapped in potato spaghetti, pepped with powdered malt vinegar and served on a tartare sauce built from a roasted langoustine mayonaise.

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