Roganic Hong Kong shine with Michelin Green star

Food for a better tomorrow

The Michelin Star is a symbol of excellence, one which chefs covet and many establishments want to display with pride in their restaurants.

2020 saw the arrival of a new symbol, a green four-leaf clover. The Michelin Green Star awards those restaurants who raise the benchmark for demonstrating the importance of sustainable gastronomy. 

Proving to the Michelin judges that your sustainable practises are a priority and have a positive impact to the restaurant and hospitality industry has resulted in this accolade. The restaurants work closely with their suppliers and producers who all share the same vision; to reduce waste, plastic and other non-recyclable materials from the supply chain. Others have also looked to technology to improve their sustainable practices.

Evogro is thrilled that Roganic Hong Kong (which has been an Evogro customer since its inception) retained their Michelin Star and was awarded the Michelin Green Star. The Chefs and Mixologists grow their salad leaves, microgreens and herbs in the Evogro system and have a constant fresh supply of the highest quality crops. With the Evogro system, you can avoid the adverse environmental effects of the conventional fresh produce supply chain: transportation, processing, storage and packaging.

Read how Roganic achieved their Michelin Green Star with the help of the Evogro System.  

Marigold grown in the Evogro system

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