We get asked many questions about the Evogro cabinet and we are always happy to help you understand how the system works. Our goal is to help you grow the best possible plants right in your kitchen all year round and we want every crop to be of the highest possible standard. In addition, the system needs to be easy and requires minimal effort to maintain.

One question which pops up regularly and one which is very important is…why is it pink?

Natural sunlight exposes crops to the entire visible light spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. However, research has shown that crops only need red and blue light for growth, combine these colours, and you get pink.

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert light energy into carbohydrates by synthesising it with carbon dioxide and water. All plants need light to grow, but all light is not equal. Sunlight is made up of many kinds of light, some visible to the human eye and some invisible, like infrared and ultraviolet. Plants actually use only 3-6% of total solar radiation for photosynthesis. The wavelengths of light that are used most efficiently for photosynthesis are deep red and deep blue visible light.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) convert electrical energy into light. They are made from crystals of certain elements that emit light when an electrical current is passed through them. LEDs are taking over the lighting industry because of their energy efficiency and longevity. For plant growing, LEDs are particularly revolutionary because certain LED crystals happen to naturally and most efficiently produce the peak wavelengths for photosynthetic activity.

Evogro cabinets use these advanced LEDs so the growing process is as efficient as possible. Each wavelength on each shelf is also tuneable so its intensity and duration can be controlled, which further improves efficiency. When the cabinet is in growing mode, the light is generally shades of pink because of the strong red and blue light. There are also white LEDs for viewing and these can be switched on manually or programmatically.

Many of our customers place their Evogro system front of house and it is very much part of the design concept. Not only does it look great in your kitchen, but you will also have advanced horticultural technology helping you achieve growing success. By growing your own crops with Evogro, you avoid the adverse environmental effects of the conventional fresh produce supply chain.

Yes, the system is pink and pretty, but it has a big brain behind it too!

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