Cocktails and Microgreens

Clean eating and the modern phenomena of the “superfood” trend is no longer the preserve of the fine dining restaurants in the UK. Encouraged by the public interest in ingredients and their impact on health, it’s fast becoming THE way modern mixologists look to when inventing interesting and flavoursome cocktails.

Evogro has partnered with internationally renowned Bartenders turned Bar chefs, who have created their own kitchens to invent fresh culinary focused and flavoured cocktails. As well as the more traditional healthy ingredients such as carrot, cucumber and vitamin rich berries, they have turned their attention to microgreens and mini herbs for the ultimate flavour bomb, giving their cocktails an almost saintly health halo.

Sunflower Martini with Nasturtium by Erik Lorincz of Kwant London

A microgreen is defined as a young vegetable green, falling somewhere between a sprout and a baby green, approx. 1-3 inches tall, but packing a hefty punch of concentrated aromatic flavours and nutrient rich content that belies its babyish stature.

Muddling a microgreen or herb or adding edible flowers raises the bar for freshness as well as adding intense flavours. It also creates a treat for the eyes, as well as your taste buds. 

Such has been the interest in these “superfood” cocktails in the bartending world, that they are now the trend to look out for on cocktail lists worldwide. The master mixologists have been concocting mouth-watering Micro Tangerine Lace and Garden Gimlet cocktails which all pay homage to microgreen and herbs.

And not forgetting the teetotalers and designated drivers out there; the microgreen trend guarantees that taste is not compromised when it comes to mocktails and alcohol free drinks. An evening out with a healthy cocktail is for everyone. 

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